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a b consulting group through its legal, pre-employment assessment services, temporary staffing and team lease, makes sure that you get the best talent for your business needs.

We offer excellent customer service and low-cost solutions to large corporations and small businesses to make smart hiring decisions. We offer:

  • Legal pre-employment assessment is carried out to find out the best employees for you. We check the credentials of the candidates and confirm their legality and authentication.
  • Temporary staffing is the best way to keep your projects going even if you lack the requisite infrastructure. We offer cost-effective, professional temporary staffing services to let you carry out labor-intensive activities.
  • Team Lease gives a cutting edge advantage to any company that wants to save on administrative overheads and focus on its core competencies. We

    • Find and recruit trained human resources at client sites in record turnaround times
    • Manage HR and regulatory compliances
    • Help the company in minimizing employee-related risks

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